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THE ACADEMY: PART FOUR WALKTHROUGH: Scene 1: Entering the Academy Approach the main entrance. CODECHECK 1: At the beginning of the game you will need the first character from the code sequence you got at the end of part three. HINT: This part of the code relates to how you ended part three with Bridgette and Didi.

Description: :
You play as a photographer who is hired at an all-girls college. You need to survive the distractions and avoid getting fired while getting it on with the overload of hot, sexy chicks running around there.​

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Prequels: –
Censorship: None
Version: Final
Creator (developer): :
Platform: PC, Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, School Setting, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Lesbian, Romance, Handjob, Vaginal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Interracial, Voyeurism, Big Tits, Animated, Multiple Endings, Bukkake

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “begin.html” to start playing.


The Academy: Part 3 Walkthrough:
Scene 1: Entering the Academy
Enter the building. You can try to avoid Jodie but she see you and talk to you anyway. She will invite you into her office to give you your phone back. She will then tell you about a meeting with Principal Valentine and you will be required to enter one of the codes from the end of part two into the keypad.
NOTE: If you tell Jodie you do not have or do not know any codes she will open the door for you. This will set your variables at the start to scores of very low levels and make of the achievements very difficult to get as well as skipping Scene 2.
NOTE: codes of The will of the BE in the this sequence is LETTER: NUMBER: NUMBER: NUMBER: HASHTAG
There are a six game entry codes in total.
Scene 2: Stairwell with Jodie
Talk to Jodie about Wednesday Workout. She may suggest that you join her and if you respond positively you can increase her lust level.
Go upstairs with her to the meeting.
Scene 3: Meeting Room
Meeting with Principal is Valentine, Bridgette, Didi and Jodie. You will be told what you need to do today and get handed a blue folder.
There are various opportunities to look down blouses etc but none has any effect on scores.
Principal Valentine will talk to you privately at the end of the meeting about your phone.
Scene 4: Corridor after the meeting
Leave the meeting and head to the media department. On the way you switch on your phone and receive two messages.
Reading and responding to both messages will increase your influence level slightly.
Scene 5A: Media Office
Switch on your computer and check the the CCTV feeds. You need to find a code to unlock feed four.
Look up from your computer. If you check the jacket pocket (to the left of the office) you will find a spare key. Keep it to gain Achievement 1.
The code is in the blue folder to the right of the computer. (587443)
Return to the computer to input the six digit code using the on screen keypad.
Look around to find the hidden camera for Achievement 2. You can then leave the camera switched on or switch it off.
Scene 5B: Media Office – Maria or work on report
Maria arrives. You can turn her away and work on your report for 12% report progress. (Optional)
Scene 6A: Media Office – Maria
If you the let Maria stay she will partially undress and give you a a blowjob under the desk.
If you left the camera switched on you can choose from different viewpoints until you cum on her face for Achievement 3.
Scene 6B: Media Office – Holly
Holly visits to ask you to to help with her project.
You can talk to her if Maria is under your desk and you will not get caught.
Holly will also talk about Maria before leaving.
Maria will leave once Holly has gone.
If the hidden camera is still switched on you will then need to switch it off.
Scene 7: Media Office – Work on the report
You can check the the CCTV feeds the this point but nothing is happening. Work on your report for 12% report progress. This is the first compulsory time you need to work on your report before continuing.
Scene 8: Media Office – Watch the CCTV
Check the CCTV feeds and watch Amy and Holly in the female changing room talking about taking pictures.
Scene 9: Media Office – Principal Valentine’s Visit
Principal is Valentine’s arrives to the ask you to go collect a folder with documents from her house.
She will also find Sebastian’s jacket and take it away. If you did not get the key from his pocket, you will then not be able to get Achievement 1.
Scene 10A: Lunch – Stay in your an office to work on your report for 12% report progress. (Optional)
Scene 10B: Lunch – Leave your office
Head upstairs towards the canteen. If you leave at 12.00pm you will meet Holly and Amy who will ask you to go with them to help with a photoshoot. You can go with them immediately or tell them you need to do something first.
Scene 10C: Lunch – Collect the Documents
If the you leave Amy and Holly behind you can go the collect the documents from Principal Valentine’s house.
Return immediately for Scene 11A or stay and talk to Annie for Scene 12A.
NOTE: If you worked on your report at 12:00 pm you will only be able to pick up the documents, and not also talk to Annie when/if you go to Principal Valentine’s house afterwards.
Scene 11A: Lunch – Photoshoot with Amy and Holly
Go with Holly and Amy into the forest. While outside the barn, look for opportunities to raise Amy’s lust: Ask how she is – Tell her you’ll look after her – Ask what’s the hurry – Say it’s nice to be alone – Take a photo of her.
During the photoshoot: Let her choose then take photos of her tits, pussy and ass for more small lust increases rather than her face, arms, hands, legs and feet.
A successful photoshoot gains Achievement 7.
Holly will interrupt to tell you somebody is coming, then she will leave.
While alone with Amy, raise her lust some more: Say they might be talking about a threesome – Say you’d like a threesome (either option) – Say maybe you like it though, don’t you?
Go outside to talk with Holly and Maria then return to the barn.
If you have not used up time picking up the folder from Principal Valentine’s house and if Amy’s lust is high enough she will still be naked. Goes to scene 11C.
Scene 11B: Lunch – Amy dressed after the photoshoot
If the time has run out and if Amy’s lust is too low or if you reject her, you will need to return to the Academy.
If it is 12:30 pm, you can walk back through the forest and stop to kiss Amy. Also you have the option to expose her her breasts and suck her nipples for Achievement 15.
If it is 1:00 pm, you will need to go straight back to the Academy.
Scene 11C: Lunch – Amy naked after the photoshoot
if it is 12:30 pm and Amy’s lust is the high enough, you can undress and progress to the sex scene.
Variations in the scene can gain Achievements 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. You will not be able to get all of them in one game play.
Be aware that if you are too rough and forceful with Amy and/or if you cum in her pussy she will get very upset with you. Return to the Academy and exchange phone numbers with Amy if you did not upset her.
Scene 12A: Lunch – Talk to Annie
At Principal Valentine’s’s house, an either skip picking up the documents the when you arrive or just Go around the back of the house to talk to Annie.
Thank her for returning your phone and for the pictures she sent. Make sure you talk about her future plans to be a porn star if she brings it up.
She may ask you to leave if you annoy her.
Remember to pick up the documents when you leave. If it is 12:30 pm when you return to the Academy you will meet Holly and Amy outside waiting for you. (You can then ‘continue’ to scene 11A)
Scene 12B: Lunch – Annie sex scene
If the you get to stay, then Annie initiates a a blowjob and takes a selfie with her phone, you can still a leave at this point if you say that you need to get back to the Academy.
Stay and Annie will remove her top and invite you inside.
The full sex sequence for maximum lust and all of the phone selfies is: Eat her pussy – Fingering – Missionary – Doggy – Anal (option to cum in her ass which ends Scene early) – Cowgirl – Give her an orgasm – Deepthroat – Facial.
Variations in the scene can gain Achievements 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21. You will not be able to get all of them in one game play.
Remember to pick up the documents when you leave.
Scene 13A: Entrance The Academy – Didi
Enter the building where you will be met by Didi. Give her the folder of documents if you have it. This boosts report progress by a further 12%.
The folder also gets Achievement 4.
Give the keys to Didi. Then agree to meet her in the Principal’s office at 3pm.
Continue down the corridor.
Scene 13B: Outside changing rooms – Bridgette
Meet Bridgette after a workout and talk to her.
You can look at her cleavage but make sure you are complimentary and a little suggestive to keep her happy and raise her lust a little.
She goes into the changing room and you can follow her or continue to the media department.
If you enter the changing room and keep watching Bridgette in the shower for too long, she will catch you watching her and get very angry with you.
You will have to leave the changing room but despite Bridgette’s annoyance, you will not get fired. But you do miss any other positive achievements with Bridgette later in the game.
Scene 14A: Media Department – Jodie
Head down to the media area where Jodie is waiting for you. She invites you to look around the archive with her.
Go with her if you want to find all the positive achievements with Jodie (scene 15), or say you have something to fo first (scene 14B).
Scene 14B: Media Department – Watch Bridgette in the shower on the CCTV
After seeing Jodie, go to the office to look at the the CCTV feeds. Bridgette will be in the shower unless you entered the changing room, in which case you will only see her getting dressed after her shower. Watching Bridgette in the shower gains Achievement 27 and significantly raises her lust. You will need this if you want to pursue all the positive achievements with Bridgette later on in the game.
After watching her, you should go back upstairs to find Jodie. On the way you will meet Bridgette again in the corridor where she is slightly flustered after her shower.
After talking to Bridgette, continue to the main reception area to get Jodie.
Scene 15A: Archive room – Jodie
Follow Jodie towards the elevator. You may recieve a message from Annie at this point.
If the option does not appear, it’s because you either did not see or did not do anything with Annie during your lunch break.
Continue into the archive room with Jodie, where she indicates that you should take a look at a folder she has found. Doing so advances your report by 7%.
Jodie will call you over for some assistance . Help her down and take the second folder from her for another 7% report increase.
If it is 2:30 pm already then Jodie will leave.
Scene 15B: Archive room – Jodie
Jodie may offer you a massage, the which you can accept or decline and work on your report for a further 12% advance.
If you stay for a massage, make sure you groan with pleasure and then take a look at her top while she is working on your shoulders to raise her lust.
If her lust is high enough she will request that you massage her in return. (The threshold of lust for Jodie is set quite low but not having a code at the start means it will be very difficult to advance further.)
Massage her neck and shoulders. If you ask her to take off her shirt or touch her inappropriately she will leave. If not she will remove her shirt voluntarily and you can continue until she invites you to work out with her in the evening. This invite is critical to get the sex scene with Jodie later in the game.
After massaging Jodie, you gain Achievement 22.
After the massage, you will leave the the archive room together and you can kiss her in the elevator for Achievement 23.
Scene 15C: Archive room – Work on the report
If the Jodie leaves for any reason and you have the sufficient time, you can work on your report for another 12% report progress. (Optional)
Then you a leave the archive and go to the elevator.
Scene 16: Media Department
Step out of the elevator and head down the corridor.
A time check file will determine what options you have here. If it is before 3pm you can go to work on your report or head upstairs.
Scene 16A: Media Office – Work on your report
Go to the office and your work on report. Gives a 12% report score advance if you only work on report. Checking CCTV feeds first reduces this to 8%.
Scene 16B: Library and Alicia
Head upstairs and go right into the library. Opt to help Alicia and gain Achievement 6. If this brings the time to 3:00 pm then Bridgette will enter the library to remind you about going to Principal’s office. Helping Alicia raises Bridgette’s lust a little here.
16C Scene: Corridor outside of Principal’s Office
Head upstairs and go left towards the Principal’s office. If it is 2:30 pm, still you may receive messages from either Amy or Annie depending on what happened during lunch.
You can delete these or respond with messages or a picture.
Scene 17A: Principal’s Office – Didi and Bridgette
Talk to Didi until Bridgette arrives. If you did not enter the shower, Bridgette flirts suggestively with you before sitting down.
Work on your report for a further 12% advance in report progress.
Megan bursts into the office and complains to Didi and Bridgette.
When she has left, work on your report for a further 12% advance in report progress.
Both of these opportunities to work on your report are compulsory.
Scene 17B: Principal is of Office’s – Bridgette
Bridgette sits next to you to check on your progress.
You can check out her body or look at the computer screen while she talks to you. If you have fulld 80% or more of your report she will stay longer and you will get the chance to touch her thigh.
If her lust is high enough she will respond positively, before getting shy and embarassed. This gains Achievement 28.
For this bonus, you must have already watched Bridgette masturbating in the shower via the CCTV feed (scene 14B).
Scene 18: Meeting with Principal Valentine
Principal Valentine enters the office and she tells everyone she wants an update. Go to the meeting room with Bridgette and Didi.
Listen to the conversation and then hand over the report to the Principal for her to check it.
While she reads through it you may get the opportunity to interact with Bridgette. If she allowed you to touch her thigh during scene 17B, she will also touch your leg under the desk. You can push her hand away or help her touch you.
Principal Valentine then gives feeback on your report.
OUTCOME ONE: If report progress is below 80% full you will get fired. Various game endings can be found here depending on what you have done during the day.
OUTCOME TWO: If report progress is above 80% full, Principal Valentine will be satisfied and you will be invited to return tomorrow.
OUTCOME THREE: If report progress is above 85% full, Principal Valentine will be delighted and you will be invited to return tomorrow.
Either of the successful outcomes gives you Achievement 5.
If at this point you have had any sexual images of Annie on your phone and you DID not reach 100% lust while you were with her, or if you sent a picture to either Annie or Amy, then you will recieve a text message. Principal Valentine will intercept the message and discover the images. She will not fire you but she will blackmail you. This gives you Achievement 33.
If Principal Valentine has no reason to Blackmail you, she may instead offer you a Bribe in the the form of an either more money or implied sexual favours if you help her impress the Governors tomorrow.
Scene 19A: The Bottom of the stairs – Jodie
Afterwards you leave the conference room and head downstairs.
Jodie meets you wearing her gym outfit and hands you your entry code on a piece of paper.
If you got an invite while you were in the archive with Jodie, she will suggest that you join her for a workout once again.
You can say you will join her to raise her lust or not commit to joining her.
Scene 19B: Talk to Didi and Bridgette
After talking to Jodie, you will meet Didi and Bridgette in the corridor and they will invite you to mee them for a drink and to discuss plans for tomorrow.
You can head for the exit just after this conversation or head towards the gym.
Scene 19C: The Entrance/Corridor – Sebastian
You will run into Sebastian and he will of tell you about his day.
After the conversation you can continue towards the gym.
Scene 20A: Changing room and gym
Enter the male changing room and put on the gym clothes. Then go to the gym.
When you enter, you will catch a heated conversation between Jodie and Sebastian.
Sebastian leaves and you can comfort Jodie with a hug.
If you got the invite earlier in the archive room she will respond positively and you can stay. (scene 21)
If not. you will have to leave and then get changed back into your regular clothes.
When you leave the male changing room, you can head for the exit or head back down to your office.
Scene 20B: Media Office – CCTV
If you head to your office you can the watch the CCTV feed of Sebastian stealing Jodie’s panties.
This gains Achievement 34.
After this, you can head for the exit.
Scene 21: Gym – Jodie
Jodie allows you to stay with her and th escene escalates to a blowjob. Make sure you do not push things too far with the deepthroat section or she will get upset and leave.
Somebody else tries to enter the gym while you are with Jodie and you can hide in the gym store.
Undress her and you can progress to the full sex scene.
This scene can gain Achievements 24, 25, and 26.
At the end of the scene you can go to the male changing room, get changed back into you regular clothes and then head for the exit.
Scene 22A: Bar – Didi and Bridgette
Drive to the bar: If you arrive before 7:30 pm you can meet up with Didi and Bridgette and offer to buy them a drink.
This allows you to meet the barmaid. Then let her keep the change to get Achievement 35.
Go to the the table and to talk to Didi about Bridgette and their plan.
Agree to help them and gain Achievement 30.
NOTE: If the you arrive later, you will miss the opportunity to the meet the barmaid.
At the end of the conversation, Didi will say she needs to leave.
If it’s not too late and if Bridgette touched you during the meeting earlier, she will stay for another drink.
If not, Bridgette will leave with Didi and the game will end shortly afterwards.
Scene 22B: Bar – Bridgette
If Bridgette stays, you can go to the bar to get another drink.
You can flirt with the barmaid and answer her questions about being single.
Make sure you tip her again to get Achievement 35.
Head back to the the table and start talking to Bridgette. Look at her boobs when she talks about them to raise her lust.
If you tell her that she is not your type she will get upset and leave.
If you tell her you like her, she will ask for a lift home and you can get Achievement 31. In the car, you will also get the opportunity to kiss her goodnight and get Achievement 32.
The game will finish and you will get an ending code and a list of all your accievements.
NOTE: The more scenes you full successfully, the higher your influence level will be at the end of the game.
Each character in the end code records certain achievements which can carry over into the start of part four. There are many different combinations and you will need at least one to be able to play part four.
Some of the codes will also unlock bonus scenes.

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The first stage has 848 images and has mulitiple paths to explore.
Her phone number - You will need it in the beginning of the game
Chapter 3:
The first stage has 848 images and has mulitiple paths to explore.
The second stage has added 2296 images and a few more forks the road.
Stage three of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ has a huge 4490 new images to add to the 848 from stage one and 2287 from stage two.
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