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Posted By admin On 16.09.21
Hey folks, I plan to download the STL Tonality 'Andy James' signature plug in. Before I do, I could use a good bit of education about the proper way to use a plug in.
I'm assuming I have to have a session opened in my DAW (Studio One) and the channel has to have the plug in activated. Then, how should I route my signal if I'm primarily always using the Helix as my interface? Do I just set up a blank preset in Helix and go straight into the DAW and let the Plug-In do all the work?
Is the plug-in mainly for recording sessions or is it practical to use whenever I jam/practice?
STL Tones is giving me a huge store credit since the 'Revenant' pedal is now delayed, so that's why I'm looking into these plug-ins which are foreign to me!!! LOL

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The Legendary Drum Sound

  • LePou Plugins (Best Free Guitar VST Plugin) Visit VST 4 Free. Estimated Price: Free Version: VST/AU Free Version Available: Yes OS Compatibility: Windows and MacOS My Review: Ah good old LePou, this plugin pack was the starting point for many an amateur like myself all the way back to 2009-10 when they first surfaced.
  • Onality: andy james official guitar plug-in is out now! STL Tonality is an all-in-one Guitar Plug-in Suite developed exclusively from Andy James’s Signature Guitar sounds. Using the most advanced modelling algorithms, users can experience real-time simulations of Andy James’s actual go-to amps.

A legend never dies!

The VProm was originally based on THE killer drum machine in town back in the early 80s, this expensive drum computer was also the first to include real drum samples back in the days!

Early sample based drum machines used samples of acoustic drum sounds recorded on the fly through some basic hardware. The way they were recorded without any kind of anti-aliasing makes them cut better in a mix than anything available at the time, they sounded so great that they became an alternative to the analog drum sounds of that era. To this day, the unique sound of this vintage machine is highly regarded because only using samples of the analog output is not enough to reproduce the wide range of sound and character of this beast. One DAC(converter)and clock per voice and yummy filters! Yes it is a historical piece of gear that take a huge place in the 80s sound picture. Only around 500 of these things are out there so don't count on finding a working one easily and forget for cheap. It has been used by major acts like Prince, Phil Collins, Thompson Twins, Stevie Wonder, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, John Carpenter, Todd Rundgren,The Art of Noise.. The Machine was made by a musician for musicians and I tried to stick to that standard :) So as there were no accurate VST for that legend out there.. I had to make the VProm!


VPROM accurately reproduces the internal circuitry and filtering of the first legendary Drum Machine but is also perfectly able to read and import original, custom or vintage EPROMs from other Drum Machines of that era, legendary 80s machines such as the Linndrum, DMX, DrumTraks etc.(.bin files that you can find on the net) An EPROM is an integrated circuit that was used to store short audio sample data in a compressed format. VPROM is the closest thing to the real deal - reading and decoding original EPROM data images in real time using the exact decode table from the AM6070 DAC at a variable sample rate. VPROM also allow experimenting with your own sample database. You can convert samples with external tools and load compatible ULaw companded images (see manual for more info).


I hope you enjoy making funky grooves with VPROM as much as I do!

Stl Andy James Vst Plugin Download Windows 10

Disclaimer: The original name of this VST, 'VLinn', has been changed at the request of the Linn Electronics copyright holder, Roger Linn. It is now named 'VPROM'. Aly James Lab has no affiliation with Roger Linn and has not received any consent from Roger Linn. We do not claim to reproduce the sounds of Roger Linn s product but rather this product creates sounds inspired by Roger Linn s past products.