Ninite For Os X

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Ninite Pro is a subscription service and pricing is based on machine count. Here are some examples:

Ninite For Os X

Can all my technicians/staff use one Ninite account? Yes, one account is good for use by unlimited technicians. For licensing we just care about the total number of machines. What OS and versions are supported? The agent runs on Windows 10, 8.x, 7, and equivalent Server versions. The idea of an app store is nothing new – it is a concept that has been available to mobile users for many years, and the same is true for OS X and Linux — but Windows has been a little slow on the uptake. In the time it took for Microsoft to add a store to Windows 8, several other options emerged from third parties. Whatever platform you look at – iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, Linux – there is some form of software store available. Android users have been able to enjoy Google Play (under various guises) for some time, and Apple’s App Store is well known even outside of tech circles. Microsoft was a little slow to join the party, but Windows 8’s Store means everyone is now on the same page.

Ninite For Osx

Ninite is a package management system offering that lets users automatically install popular applications for their Windows operating system.3 It allows users to make a selection from a list of applications and bundles the selection into a single installer package. It is free for personal use.

MachinesTotal Price
$5115 / month
$1365 / month
$365 / month
$135 / month
$35 / month
$ / month

Annual payment is available for 12 times the monthly price.Paying with a credit card is easiest but we can help you with quotes, purchase orders, invoices, etc. too.

We encourage you to start with a 14-day free trial.It's great for making sure Ninite Pro works like you expect and there's no commitment.

Have questions about Ninite Pro or how it can fit in your environment? Are you an enterprise with more specific needs?You can email [email protected]'re happy to answer any questions you have!

How our pricing works

Ghost vs shimeji. Pricing is per machine per month and tiered. Here's the rate schedule:

First 20 machines / month$1.00 per machine
Next 400 machines / month$0.50 per machine
Additional machines / month$0.25 per machine

Does Ninite Work On Mac

Let's calculate a price for 700 machines: (20 * $1.00) + (400 * $0.50) + (280 * $0.25) = $290 / month.Pretty simple!