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Best Friend Contract (hereafter 'Friend 1') and (hereafter 'Friend 2') hereby agree to the following: To go on silly, ridiculous adventures whenever possible (or to make mundane trips into adventures as needed). To tell each other everything. Sample Friendship Agreement Friendship Agreement Between: Nanaimo Community Hospice Society (NCHS) And: Bhaktapur Cancer Care Centre, Palliative Care Program (BPCP) Our Goals: 1. To develop a mutually supportive and encouraging relationship between NCHS and BPCP. To share resources and learn from each other’s experiences and cultures.

What is best friend contract pdf Form?

The best friend contract pdf is a fillable form in MS Word extension that can be completed and signed for specific reasons. In that case, it is provided to the actual addressee to provide certain information of certain kinds. The completion and signing may be done in hard copy by hand or via a trusted application like PDFfiller. These services help to complete any PDF or Word file without printing out. It also lets you edit it depending on your needs and put an official legal e-signature. Once done, you send the best friend contract pdf to the respective recipient or several ones by mail and also fax. PDFfiller has a feature and options that make your document of MS Word extension printable. It provides various options when printing out. It doesn't matter how you'll file a form after filling it out - physically or by email - it will always look professional and firm. In order not to create a new document from the beginning again and again, make the original form as a template. Later, you will have a customizable sample.

Template best friend contract pdf instructions

  • This is an AGREEMENT only (not a lease) to which both parties agree to be bound. Either party may terminate (end) this agreement at any time, for any reason, by giving 30 days written notice to the other. The HOME PROVIDER agrees to provide the following: Yes/No Specifications private room.
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When you're ready to start completing the best friend contract pdf fillable template, you have to make clear all the required details are well prepared. This one is significant, so far as errors and simple typos may cause unpleasant consequences. It's always annoying and time-consuming to re-submit an entire blank, not even mentioning penalties came from blown deadlines. To work with your digits takes a lot of focus. At first glance, there is nothing complicated about this. Nonetheless, there's nothing to make an error. Experts recommend to save all sensitive data and get it separately in a document. When you've got a sample, it will be easy to export this info from the document. Anyway, all efforts should be made to provide actual and legit data. Doublecheck the information in your best friend contract pdf form carefully while filling out all required fields. In case of any mistake, it can be promptly corrected within PDFfiller editing tool, so all deadlines are met.

best friend contract pdf word template: frequently asked questions

1. I have sensitive word forms to fill out and sign. Is there any chance somebody else would have got access to them?

Tools dealing with sensitive information (even intel one) like PDFfiller do care about you to be satisfied with how secure your forms are. We offer you::

  • Cloud storage where all files are kept protected with basic an layered encryption. The user is the only person who is free to access their personal files. Disclosure of the information by the service is strictly prohibited all the way.
  • To prevent identity theft, every single document obtains its unique ID number once signed.
  • If you think that is not enough for you, set additional security features you prefer then. They manage you to request the two-factor verification for every person trying to read, annotate or edit your file. PDFfiller also provides specific folders where you can put your best friend contract pdf word form and encrypt them with a password.

2. Is digital signature legal?

Yes, and it's totally legal. After ESIGN Act concluded in 2000, an electronic signature is considered like physical one is. You are able to complete a document and sign it, and it will be as legally binding as its physical equivalent. While submitting best friend contract pdf form, you have a right to approve it with a digital solution. Be sure that it corresponds to all legal requirements as PDFfiller does.

3. Can I copy my information and transfer it to the form?

In PDFfiller, there is a feature called Fill in Bulk. It helps to extract data from word file to the online word template. The key benefit of this feature is that you can excerpt information from the Excel spreadsheet and move it to the document that you’re submitting via PDFfiller.

The Friends With Benefits Contract

Disclaimer: Relax. This was not meant to be taken seriously. This was just meant to be fun. Smile. Be Happy =) PS. There’s a problem with formatting. Hahaha.

The Friends With Benefits Contract

I, __________________ and I, __________________ on this day dated ____________________ hereby wish to express our intent to enter a Friends with Benefits Agreement.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

1. The main purpose of the contract is for the equal satisfaction of urges, both intimate and sexual of those involved. As such, emotions and feelings, excluding lust is prohibited

2. Safety and Protection is of utmost importance


A. Proper hygiene is expected from both parties. Showering before the encounter is greatly encouraged

B. The use of contraceptives is a must. The method used is at the discretion of both parties

C. In any event where one or both parties are infected by STDs/STIs:

i. The party who first had the disease must tell the other party and is responsible for the testing. If other party is infected, the primary offender must pay for the treatment

ii. If both parties are affecting and the identity of the primary offender cannot be established. Payment for the treatment is as follows:

a. The richer party shoulders the payment

b. The payment is shared upon mutual agreement

iii. Contact prohibited until both parties complete treatment and is cleared by a doctor as negative for STD/STI. Medical certificate or any proof of clearance required.

3. Mode of communication is limited to cell phone use or private messages in any available social network. Parameters of communication is as follows:

A. Contact should be made only within 24 hours of expected meet-up. Preplanning is subject to permanent termination of contract

B. Conversation should be limited to the following topics:

i. Asking the availability of the other party

Relationship Contract Pdf

ii. Time and place of meet-up

iii. Agreed mode of transportation

C. Messages are to be deleted after the conversation

4. Asked party has the right to refuse. No explanation is necessary.

5. In the event the meet-up is scheduled at a paid establishment (i.e. motel, hotel), the one who initiated the contact pays unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand.

6. Cuddling and sleeping over is subject to the discretion of both parties. If one party objects, then said activity is not allowed.

7. Personal life and any kinds of relationship is not a topic for discussion and subject to immediate termination of contract

8. Any sexual acts performed are subject to agreement of both parties. If a party refuses, said act is not allowed.

9. Bringing of change of clothes is not allowed as this indicates preplanning. Likewise, leaving a full set of clothing at another party’s place is prohibited. Any article of clothing left is subject to disposal

10. If one party has no mode of transportation going home, the other party can either drive him/her home or pay for the taxi fare

11. Dinner, watching a movie or any social interaction that requires both parties to be seen together in a public place is not allowed

12. In the event that both parties are invited to the same social event, it is not required that they greet each other.

13. No gifts are allowed or accepted except when the gift is sexual in nature. Likewise, borrowing or giving of money is prohibited

14. If one party develops feelings such as love, infatuation, caring, the other party has the right to terminate the contract immediately with all privileges revoked as this is in direct violation of the spirit of the contract

15. If one party wishes to terminate the contract, the said party has the power to do so without consulting the other party. However, a notice of termination of contract must be given in any form or medium as long as the other party acknowledges receiving said notice. An explanation is not necessary.

16. Upon termination, ONLY the party who terminated the contract has the right to revoke the termination of contract and re-initiate said contract.

17. The party who did not initiate the termination is not granted re-initiation privileges as a sign of respect to the other party

18. Both parties are highly discouraged to tell others of the said agreement, before, during or after the duration of the contract. If one party is confronted with an accusation of having a contract in place, denial is the only response.

I hereby accept the terms and conditions of the said contract. Any violation of the contract is subject to immediate termination of the said contract and removal of all privileges stated therein without notice.



Signatory A


Signatory B

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