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Posted By admin On 16.09.21

Not all of us have a sweet guitar we can plug in to record with or a premium amp to play through, thankfully these plugins solve your instrument and amp qualms – and they’re free!

Thanks to digital music software and the internet there is a wealth of possibility at your fingertips. Even adding a guitar or a real bass track into your mix is possible without spending an extra penny.

We’ve rounded up some our favourite and most authentic guitar and bass plugins so that regardless of your setup you can write and record your very own instrument tracks – for FREE!

Here are the best Free Brass VST Plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason. 10 Best Free Bass VST Plugins – Best Bass VSTs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Some of these are sampled instrument plugins so you can create guitar and bass sounds from scratch, others are amps/effects that can enhance your guitar recording – whether from a real guitar, free plugin, or sample – to go from plain to stadium sound!

We’ve provided a sample of each of the plugins below so you can hear them in action.

Ample Guitar M Lite II

This incredible plugin from Ample Sound uses a massive library of real guitar samples for an unbeatably authentic sound. This is a ‘lite’ version of their fully fleshed out and paid instrument sampling plugins but the sound you get from this free version is incredible.

It is the ideal solution for creating an amazing sounded guitar piece with your track. There is the option to use it as a MIDI instrument, you can program in chords with it, and you can even use tablature to give it an entire piece of music to play full with sliding notes and hammer-ons to play.

Ample Bass P Lite II

Ample Sound again? You’re damn right! For a free guitar and bass plugin it really won’t get much more authentic and wicked sounding than this.

It’s the same deal as Ample’s guitar plugin: genuine samples with impressive control over your sound. You can even twist a knob to effect how much of a slap there is to your tone. It’s tasty.

AmpliTube Custom Shop

Better open a window, because this plugin is smokey. It’s a fully premium amp and effect modelling plugin that sounds better than half the real amps I’ve heard people chugging through!

Perfect for if you’re a guitarist recording clean straight into your software of if a recording needs some spicing up. Put it onto any VST instruments or recordings to give them some warmth, boost, delay and much more.

As a free user you’ll have access to an impressive number of effects, rigs, presets and control over the amps, stompboxes and controls of these elements. There is a whole lot more if you pay but I assure you that you will be shocked at the quality and quantity of what you get using AmpliTube for free.

You need to register for a free account to use it first but considering the power you get here it’s more than worth it. I’ve used the sample from Ample Guitar above to show off a few off the sounds in Amplitube – there’s a whole lot more possibility than shown off in the audio clip including distortion pedals and funky sounds.


Blue Jeans & Moonbeams… This isn’t a sampled instrument like the others so it doesn’t sound quite as authentic. But don’t let that deter you if you’re looking for a cool electric guitar plugin to play with because this little baby is full of surprises.

Whilst the sound isn’t sampled there is a massive range of what you can do with the sounds you get. You can play in harmonics, you can play with a pop, you can even imitate the sounds of string scratches and pops. You choose between an electric guitar imitation or an acoustic.

Once you get used to it and maybe add some amp modelling or effects on top you won’t be disappointed with what this sweet and, most importantly, free plugin can do.

Guitar Rig Player

This hefty package comes free with Native Instrument’s KOMPLETE START package. Something truly worth adding to any producer or music makers library when it’s FREE!

It’s a free processor giving you a free amp to play through and 3 effects with 50 presets included for a huge range of sounds whether you’re recording guitars, drums, vocals, or anything else.

Of course you can upgrade and get so much more but you’re already provided with enough to make your real life pedal-board blush from the off.

To show you how good it sounds I’ve used the BJAM VST so you can see how even with a completely artificial sound it beefs it up and enhances it.

Got your own favourite which we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments below and share the love.

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There are many types of bass Instrument Plugins (VST Instruments), so you may be lost.

If you’re choosing a bass plugin for the first time, I recommend three: Spectrasonics “Trilian”, IK Multimedia “MODO BASS” or Toontrack “EZbass” released in 2020.

Free future bass plugins

This article also introduces more than these three bass plugins.

I also think that some people want to use it for free, so I will also introduce the bass plugin that can be used for free.

Please read the details below;

Unless you can find a plug-in that suits your genre and taste,

  • Spectrasonics “Trilian”
  • IK Multimedia “MODO BASS”
  • Toontrack “EZbass”

For the first bass plugin, I think one of these three is good.

The reason I recommend Trilian and MODO BASS is because of their quality and the large number of models.

There are other electric bass plugins, but they all have a small number of models or a single bass.

There are not many model and high quality bass plugins other than Trilian and MODO BASS.

The types of sounds are as follows.

  • Trilian: Covers not only electric bass but also synth bass, wood bass and acoustic bass
  • MODO BASS: Covers 14 types of electric bass only

The other EZbass that I can recommend is a small number with two models compared to these two.

But I recommend it for another reason.

Because it is a specification that is easy for beginners such as those who can not play the keyboard.

EZbass can be fine-tuned in the software and there are many phrase presets.

I will explain each in detail.

  • Spectrasonics “Trilian”
  • IK Multimedia “MODO BASS”
  • Toontrack “EZbass”

(1)IK Multimedia “MODO BASS”

MODO BASS is a physical modeling bass software developed by IK Multimedia.

Since MODO BASS is electric bass software, there is no synth bass or wood bass. However, since it is physical modeling, it has the feature that it can be customized quite finely.

For example, you can adjust the type of pickup, the type of string, the string height, and the playing position.

IK Multimedia MODO BASS: Better than Trilian? Review Bass VST Plugin and How to Use

IK Multimedia MODO BASS

(2)Spectrasonics “Trilian”

Trilian is the base software developed by Spectrasonics.

The main feature is that it covers almost all basses, not only electric bass but also wood bass, acoustic bass and synth bass.

Until the release of MODO BASS, Trilian was said to be the best bass plugin.

(3)Toontrack “EZbass”

This is the first bass plugin developed by Toontrack, which is famous for drum plugin Superior Drummer 3 and piano plugin EZ Keys.

There are two types of Bass, sample-based Modern and Vintage.

With the song edit function, you can create a whole song in the software and fine-tune the playing method.

It is recommended for beginners, but it should be noted that the number of models is small.

Toontrack EZbass: Better than Trilian or MODO BASS? Review Bass VST Plugin and How to Use

Toontrack EZbass

These three base plugins can be summarized as follows.

  • MODO BASS allows you to customize your electric bass
  • Trilian that covers not only electric bass but also synth bass, wood bass and acoustic bass
  • EZbass allows you to edit the playing method in detail

Which of the three you choose depends on what you want to prioritize.

  • MODO BASS for making electric bass sounds
  • Trilian for the number of sounds
  • EZbass for editing your playing style

Each has different strengths, so even if you have more than one, you can use them properly.

There are almost three choices for the first bass plugin, but in some cases other bass plugins may be better.

Also, I think some people already have those bass plugins and want to add a new bass plugin.

The bass plugin other than the three has the following advantages.


Free Bass Plugins Reaper

Since there are many plug-ins that are classified by model, it is basically cheap.

This is cheaper if you don’t need the number of models.

For the time being, it may be an option for those who prefer a cheap one at first.

Specializing in one genre

There are plugins specialized for genres such as those specialized for slap and those specialized for metal.

Especially for metal, it may be better to buy specialized plugins.

Among specialized plugins, there may be plugins suitable for your genre.

From here, I would like to introduce the manufacturers that sell base plug-ins other than the three introduced above.

  1. Ample Sound (Free)
  2. Ilya Efimov Production
  3. Fujiya Instruments
  4. Prominy
  5. Impact Soundworks (Free)

(1)Ample Sound (Free)

Ample Sound develops not only bass, but also guitar and ukulele sound sources.

  • Fender Jaco Fretless Bass
  • Fodera Yinyang
  • Fender Jazz John English Masterbuilt Bass
  • Virtual Fender Precision electric bass
  • Guild B-54 CE Acoustic Bass
  • Upright Bass

In addition to four types of electric bass, there are two acoustic and upright basses.

Upright bass only costs $149, others $119.

There are also free bass plugin and acoustic guitar plugin.

Ample Bass

(2)Ilya Efimov Production

This is Ilya Efimov Production, which develops not only bass but also guitar and folk instrument sound sources.

  • Rock Bass
  • Modern Bass
  • Classic Bass
  • Fretless Bass
  • Retro Bass

There are 5 types of base plugins, Retro only costs 49.5 euros and others cost 99 euros.

Works with Kontakt from Native Instruments.

Ilya Efimov Production

(3)Fujiya Instruments

Fujiya Instruments of Japan, who also develops guitar sound sources.

This also works with Native Instruments Kontakt.

  • Organic Slapped Bass
  • Organic Fingered Bass
  • Organic Picked Bass

Each of the three base plugins costs 129 USD, and the combined Organic Bass Suite costs 229 USD.

Fujiya Instruments


Prominy is famous for the guitar sound source.

The SR 5 Rock Bass 2 recommended for hard rock and metal is $134.

This also works with Native Instruments Kontakt.

(5)Impact Soundworks


Impact Soundworks, which develops almost all sound sources.

Bass plugins include Shreddage 3 Abyss and Shreddage 3 Precision.

Shreddage 3 Abyss is a base plugin for heavy metal. The price will be 99 USD.

Shreddage 3 Precision costs 129 USD and there is also a free version.

Up to this point, it was mainly electric bass plugins, but I also recommend synth bass plugins.

Basically, any synthesizer software can be used as a synth bass, but I think that plug-ins modeled after analog synthesizers such as the one below are often suited for bass with a fat sound


The synth bass plugin introduced here is a free synth bass plugin.

  • X-Eight (free)
  • TRK-01 BASS (free)

(1)X-Eight (free)

A sub-bass plug-in that releases ultra-low frequencies specialized for the popular sub-bass has been released.

That is X-Eight.

It’s a plug-in that goes great with traps and hip-hop. It’s as cheap as 60 USD, and there is also a free version.

However, when using X-Eight for a fee

There are many rival products. I recommend checking these and choosing the product that suits you best.

What does sub-bass mean ? How to make it and review sub-bass VST plugin

(2)TRK-01 BASS (free)

This is a plug-in included in the free version “Komplete Start” of Native Instruments Komplete.

A plug-in that lets you create a bass sound using five different synth engines: Classic, Super, West, FM, and Modern.

You can create a bass sound with a strong attack.

The presets are classified into Analog, Digital, Distorted, and Sub, and there are 20 types of each and 80 types in total.

Free Bass Plugins For Fl Studio

It’s a quality synth that can’t be considered free, and it’s a pretty usable synth bass.

Free Bass Plugins

Basically, when choosing a base plug-in for the first time,

Free 808 Bass Plug-ins

  • Spectrasonics “Trilian”
  • IK Multimedia “MODO BASS”
  • Toontrack “EZ bass”

Free Future Bass Plugins

Almost 3 choices are fine.

Free 808 Bass Plugins

However, depending on the genre and financial circumstances, it may be better to choose other bass plugins. Especially for heavy metal, it might be better to buy another.

I hope this article helpful for you.