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Add the old version of Microsoft WINUSB driver to fix the problem that the driver cannot be installed on individual XP. Fixed pin detection errors of some chips. Fixed some other known bugs. Version: V8.11 Support:15429-2018.11.16 ADD: ATMEGA8 @TQFP32 ATMEGA8L @TQFP32 ATMEGA8A @TQFP32 ATMEGA48 @TQFP32 ATMEGA48V @TQFP32 ATMEGA48A @TQFP32. Similar to ZXW Tools Dongle, this open source software will allow you to view trace di MiniPro TL866 Universal Programmer Driver. 34 MB download file Asus x201e boardview download secara gratis dan free download Asus x201e boardview download tool. 0(A00) BoardView, Schematic: Dell Inspiron 5583 5584 Bolt WHL 18750-1, 18763-1, 17931-1 Dec 13.

VERSION: V6.85 Support:14337--2018.10.19
FIXED: GAL22V10B M95320W M95128W
Download Driver Minipro Tl866
Version: V6.82 Support:14318--2018.07.24
ADD: MB85R256H
FIXED: DS1245/DS1250 Algorithm(read and write)
Version: V6.71 Support:14299 --2018.04.17

PM25LQ512 /010/020/040/080/016/032 GD25B32 /GD25B64
Fix: S24S45 DS1220(RW)Algorithm.

Version: V670 Support:14260 --2018.03.7

AK6410/6420/6440/6480 AK6510/6512/6514/6516 BY25Q10/20/40/80/16/32/64/128 K8D1616x/1716x/3216x/6316x K8P1615U/K8P3215U/K8P6415U
Fix:MX25L6475E @SOP16 Algorithm and BR93Hxx Algorithm.

Version: V6.60 Support:14177 --2017.5.09

IS25LQ080B/IS25LQ016B /IS25LQ032B




Version: V6.50 Support:14037 --2015.12.25

ADD:Support 25 Flash OTP programm
Support 1.8V 25 serials Flash (Need special Adapter DIY)
Ic Support up to 14000+, more detail see IC supported List.

Download Driver Minipro Tl866

Version: V6.17 Support:13216 --2015.07.11

Fix:ATMEGA48 Algorithm for Compatibility

Version: V6.16 Support:13216 --2015.06.12

Fix:some ATMEGA8 Fuse bits Program

Download Software Minipro Tl866

Version: V6.13 Support: 13216 --2015.06.09

Add: Write and Read for DS1245/DS1249/DS1250.
Fix : AM2716B SM8958A(TQFP44) Algorithm

Version: V6.10 Support13207 --2014.07.16

BG25Q40A BG25Q800A BG25Q160A W25Q16DV W25Q32FV W25Q40CL W25Q64FV W25Q80DV W25Q128FV
Fix : AT25128/AT25160/AT25320 Algorithm for Compatibility.

Ver: V6.00 Support : 13183 --2014.01.07

Download Software Minipro Tl866a

Add function:
A. Automatic Install for WIN8 System
B. Support simultaneously burn with 4 Programmers each computer.
C. support different DPI display modes for WINDOWS systems.
D. Limited a Fake TSOP48 Adapter
MD25D40/80/16 GD25Q128C GD25Q128B N25Q032A N25Q064A AT25DF641 Micropchip 93LC46X/56X/66X/76X etc.
Fix:Micropchip 24LC65

Version: V5.91 Support:13143 --2013.03.09

AB28F200B5-T AB28F200B5-B AB28F400B5-T AB28F400B5-B AB28F800B5-T AB28F800B5-B
Fix:ATTINY24/44/84/25/45/85 Fuse Bits Program

Version: V5.90 Support : 13137 --2013.03.04

SST 39VF088 AB28F200BX-T AB28F200BX-B AB28F400BX-T AB28F400BX-B JS28F800B3T JS28F800B3B JS28F800C3T JS28F800C3B JS28F160B3T JS28F160B3B JS28F160C3T JS28F160C3B JS28F320B3T JS28F320B3B JS28F320C3T JS28F320C3B
QB25F016S33B QB25F160S33B QB25F320S33B QB25F640S33B QH25F016S33B QH25F160S33B QH25F320S33B QH25F640S33B
M25P128(25P28V6G) @FPN8 M25P128(25P28V6G) @SOP16 MX25L1605D/3205D/6405D
MX29LV160EB MX29LV160ET MX29LV320EB MX29LV320ET MX29LV640EB MX29LV640ET EN29LV320AT EN29LV320AB EN29LV640B EN29LV640T
Fix:MBM29DL640 Algorithm and Sotware Project Compatibility

Version: V5.80 Support: 13071 --2012.11.01

Add :
1、28C04/16/64/256 @PLCC32
2、M27C801 (DIP32/PLCC32/TSOP32) M25PX80/16
3、Nantronics N25S10/20/40/80/16 MX25L5121E MX25L1021E
4、SST 36VF1601/36VF1602/36VF3203/36VF3204
6、Read and write for DALLAS DS12xxx
7、25 series automatic identification
Fix:SM59R05/09/16G6 Encrypt Algorithm、PIC12C508A Config bits Program

Version: V5.70 Support: 12938 --2012.08.27

PIC16F/LF722A PIC16F/LF723A PIC16F716(DIP18/SOIC18/SSOP20)
PCF8582 PCF8594 PCF8598 AM24LC21 AM24LC21B BR24C21(F/FJ/FV)
AT24C21 MICROCHIP 24C21 24C21A CAT24C21 ST24FC21 ST24LC21B
ST M29W640FB/FT W25Q128BV
S29JL032Hxxxx, S29JL064Hxxxx S29JL032Jxxxx, S29JL064Jxxxx
Fix: W29C040,PIC16F722/723,S29GLXXXX Compatibility problem.

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Download Driver Minipro Tl866cs

>>>Initial Version: V1.00 --2010.06.18