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Android Emulator For Ios 12 Download

How to Download and Install Android Emulator on iOS without jailbreaking Download and install Cydia on your iDevice, this compulsory in other to install iAndroid. Open the Cydia on your iPhone or iPad. Click on the Manage option at the bottom of the screen. IEMU APK V3.0.12 Download For Android (Latest) iEMU Apk is an iOS emulator and an open-source application designed for Android users. This app simulates selected iPhone apps and games on the Android device. For what makes it so good and better than the others is that it does not require root access.

An emulator could be simply defined as something that allows functionalities of one system to work on another system. As we all know iOS and Android are two extreme ends and they repel each other. But to change this ideology emulators have come into existence. Yes, iOS Emulator helps you to make use of iOS apps on Androids.

This post will help you know as well as understand how to download and install free IOS applications on Android.

The need for iOS Emulator on Android Phone:

Many of us are Android users, yet we wish to use iOS applications. This is where iOS Emulator help Android users. Using the emulator any Android user could download the iOS application on their Android devices for free.

Features of an IOS Emulator on Android:

  • Access to high efficient iOS applications on Android devices.
  • Easy to download iOS applications on your Android.
  • It works fine on any glitch.
  • Get all features of iOS device on Android
  • Supports all gamepads

I would suggest you two most famous iOS emulator which are highly used by Android users.

  1. iEMU Emulator
  2. Cider APK

iEMU Emulator:

One of the most famous emulators for Android is iEMU Emulator. The emulator has undergone certain tests under prominent technicians. Hence, there is no fear of malfunction. As the emulator covers only a little space on your android, you could run the dedicated apps as .zip files.

Characteristics of iEMU iOS Emulator for Android:

  • It is easy to download iOS apps on Android device.
  • Provides highest benefits on using iOS applications.
  • 0% charges on downloading iOS applications on your Android device
  • There is no fear of issue on using iOS apps on Android devices, as all the application are tested and verified on devices.

Requirements to install Emulator:

Download Android Emulator Andy For Ios

  • Your Android device Needs 512 MB RAM.
  • Requires storage space of 61MB.
  • Supports a min of Android 2.3 version. Else you cannot run the emulator.

How to Install the Emulator?

  1. Download the iEMU emulator on your device.
  2. Install the emulator (Follow the instructions on the screen to install).
  3. The application gets installed as Padiod.
  4. Now open the Padiod on your Android device to start using iOS applications on your Android device.
  5. NOTE: The application does not support .ipas files.

Download your iEMU emulator directly from the following link:

Cider APK:

If you are looking out to download iOS games on your Android device, then Cider APK would be the best choice. Download and install iOS applications free on your Android device with Cider APK. This is an exclusive free iOS emulator for Android device.

Characteristics of Cider APK:

Download android emulator for ios 12.4
  • Cider permits you to access all iOS applications on Android for free.
  • There are no limitations on using iOS apps.
  • No fear of hidden cost.
  • Cider iOS is user-friendly.

Requirements to install Cider Emulator:

  • You need to have at least minimum Android version of 2.2
  • Your system should have Min 512MB RAM
  • Disk Space of 100 MB for APK File
  • Total Disk space for game and emulation: 2-4 GB.

How to install Cider APK?

  1. Download the Cider APK on your Android Device.
  2. Now run the downloaded file on your Android device and install the application.
  3. Once you have installed the Cider APK you can start using the application.

Download your Cider APK from the following link:

Final Word:

Now it is so much easy to transform your Android device into an iOS device in just a matter of minutes. Download your free emulators, install them on your Android device and get started with iOS applications. You could now enjoy using iOS apps on your Android device completely at free of cost.


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