Delivery Challan Format Pdf

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  1. Gst Delivery Challan Format
  2. Gst Delivery Challan Format Pdf
  1. Specified format within twenty four hours of inspection and the final report in specified format shall be recorded within three days of the inspection. Where a vehicle has been intercepted and detained for a period exceeding thirty minutes, the transporter may upload the said information in a specified format on the common portal.
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Delivery Challan or ,as is called, a Delivery Note is a crucial document involved in the inventory management A Challan is basically a written document consisting of details of the ordered goods that are ready to be delivered to the customer. Different copies of the same Challan is handed over to the customer, vendor and one with the logistics. Delivery Challan is a complete list of products that are being delivered by the vendor along with their number and exact quantity. Delivery Challan is signed by the receiver and is sent back again to the vendor along with the Purchase Bill.

GSTIN: 24HDE7487RE5RT4 DELIVERY CHALLAN Customer 3Detail M/S Mahindra Mechanical Works Address Mira Road, Surat, Near Shopping Mall, Surat, Gujarat - 401107 PHONE GSTIN 24AAACC1206D1ZG Place of Supply Gujarat ( 24 ) Challan No. 2 Challan Date 05-Mar-2020 L.R. ISOGTX7880 Transport STAR TRANSPORTS. In a business, suppliers issue GST invoices quite frequently. However, there are circumstances when an already issued invoice needs to be amended due to the rejection of a few products or add up a few products as the case may be. In this situation, the need for credit and debit note arises. When the amount. How Many Types of Invoice in GST?There will be 2 types of Invoices in GSTTax InvoiceIt is to be used for all types of taxable SalesBill of SupplyIt is to be used for exempt sales + Sales byComposition DealerNote:-For both Goods and Services, It will be Same Series (bill book)Also for both local.

Delivery Challan help seller as well as customer keep a track of whether the products delivered smoothly at the destination defined in the Pay Order.

Delivery Challan is considered as a proof of Delivery from the vendor. It helps the organization to get them self relax at their end from the responsibility for delivery of goods

Since Delivery Challan contains the whole information in regards to all the items, that has been sent to the customer’s end, complete list of delivered and even undelivered yet ordered goods can be used for future estimation and analysis.


By the help of Inventory Management software you can create an authenticated & reliable Delivery Challan which is signed by the organization or supplier and sent back to vendor along with the payment slip, thus considered more authenticated and reliable.

Inventory Management software ,help in portraying all the stages involved in this process so that accurate result can be recorded and presented .

Inventory management software presents Delivery Challan option in which the customer can issue the Delivery Challan enclosing the list of the products that are delivered to the customer and also the products which were not delivered in spite of being ordered.

A comprehensive invoicing application, which allows you to easily configure and print delivery forms or payment sheets for customers

Challan and Invoice Printing System is a simple to use program that facilitates the generation of invoices or delivery notes for customers. The program is suitable for a small or medium company and allows you to create a database of customers, products, services, taxes. This way, you can easily generate invoices.

Financial year management

Each action you perform in Challan and Invoice Printing System is recorded in the current financial year. The software displays statistic data for the selected year, in the bottom area of the interface. It can monitor the number of issued invoices, receipts or forms, as well as the received payment.

The software supports a multiple company configuration and allows you to specify the contact details for your business. This information is printed in the payment forms, as a header. Moreover, you can configure a set of users with access to this application, as administrators or employees.

Company financial management

The Administration tab offers you the means to append or modify the entries in the database concerning the customers, the service categories, the services or products (depending on the nature of your company), taxes and financial period. You may block the activity for a particular customer or any delivery to them.

The Records tab is where you can configure the delivery forms and invoices for clients, but also mark concluded payments, receipts or received forms. You may easily print or preview any of the forms as soon as you save it, using the symbol button at the top of the window. Additionally, you can generate a series of MIS reports in the dedicated tab.

Backup and restore database

Challan and Invoice Printing System is based on a database utility, therefore you may create a data backup for all the categories you configured. Moreover, if the data has been compromised, you can use a backup file in order to restore the initial entries. The software is easy to use, however, if you wish to sign in using an administrator profile, you need to run the software in the same mode.

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Gst Delivery Challan Format

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