Beini Wireless Drivers

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Mtk 7601 chipset wireless usb wifi adapter beini wifi driver usb adapter US $0.99-3.58 / Piece ( FOB Price) 150Mbps ralink RT 5370 chipset 2.4g antenna driver 802.11 n lan network card wireless dongle wifi usb adapter for iptv mag 254. Notes: If you are not using AR9271 chips, please delete 'xath9khtccompat-wireless-2.6.38-rc4-1.tce' and 'firmware.tcz', these two packets of software will cause some problems with some cards, after that please add 'rt2x002.6.34-Beini.tce' in Beini-1.2.1 for supporting RT3070 chips. Sorry to have caused you so much inconvenience.

Beini is a small Linux distribution that packs a punch. it is based on Tiny Core Linux. It offers an array of WiFi security audit tools. Beini is easy for newbie to used compare to BackTrack, which is the popular system used to crack WEP/WPA. Beini include packages: Minidwep, Aircrack, Inflator, Reaver, Feeding Bottle, Wifite

*This guide is for your own educational purpose. Hacking or Cracking other people wireless network is illegal and against law. We advice you do not attempt to attack wireless network other than your own.

  1. Download the latest Beini system.

  1. Download UNetbootin

. (Note: Do NOT use the latest version, here we use 377) UNetbootin 377

  1. Format your USB as FAT32.

  2. Create a new folder on your desktop, extract the ISO file that you downloaded in step 1 into that folder.

  3. Open UNetbootin and setup the following

(~ means the full Path of a Folder): Kernel: ~bootbzImage Initrd: ~boottinycore.gz Options: ~bootisolinuxisolinux.cfg (you can change these options manually, for example: change the language (e.g. Download hackintosh zone high sierra installer.dmg. en.utf8). Note: If the USB does not load you should add the following kernel boot parameter waitusb=8 to potentially fix the problem. Note: Make sure you select the correct USB drive.

  1. After you see “Installation Complete, Reboot (Current)”, you can reboot the computer and select boot from your USB from BIOS.

1.) First, put in the CD. Close the tray. Don't do anything with the CD - just have it in the drive.

Beini Wireless Drivers Download Win 10

2.) Now restart your computer. You need to restart all the way, so that the BIOS loads at boot.Beini wireless drivers
3.) When the screen above appears, quickly press key 'DEL' on your keyboard to enter BIOS setup. (Sometime the enter key is 'F2')
4.) You should now see a screen as shown above (4a or 4b). Use arrow key to enter 'Advanced BIOS Features' on (4a) OR enter 'Boot' on (4b). *each brand of computer will come out various menu screen, 4a & 4b are normal screen.

5.) Make sure the 'First Boot Device' is CD Rom on (5a) or on top boot device must be CD Rom on (5b)
6.) Finally, press F10 (Save and Reboot). Congratulations! You've booted from the CD. Now you can proceed with Beini CD tutorial.