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Automatic Audio-Video and Audio-Subtitle Synchronization Detection

Automated Lip Reading Software Download. Ujian ini sangat diperlukan untuk mereka yang bahasa ibunya bukan bahasa Inggris. Jenis tes bahasa Inggris TOEFL ini pada umumnya diperlukan untuk persyaratan masuk kuliah pada hampir semua universitas di Amerika Serikat dan Kanada baik untuk program S 1 maupun S 2 terlebih S 3. A team from the University of Oxford's Department of Computer Science has developed new lip-reading software, LipNet, which they claim is the most accurate of its kind to date by a wide margin.


Automated Lip Reading Software Download Version


What It Does

LipSync and TextSync are software packages that allow you to quickly check if a video file or stream has synchronized audio, video, and subtitles. This is done without requiring any form of digital fingerprinting or watermarking in the source content, allowing you to check any video, regardless of the source.

How It Works

LipSync and TextSync use deep learning technology to “watch” and “listen” to your video, looking for human faces and listening for human speech. Once these are identified, the audio or subtitles in a video can be marked as in-sync or out-of-sync.

Features & Capabilities

Perform synchronization detection on Live Streams in REAL-TIME or File-Based Content in 2-3x REAL-TIME.

Integrate into your existing video quality control pipeline, or use as a stand-alone tool.

Ready to deploy on a Local Server or as a Cloud Appliance.

Language Agnostic, so you can test content from any region or area worldwide.

Automated lip reading software downloads

Supported Platforms

Local Server

  • Windows or Linux
  • 64-bit x86 CPU with 16GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GPU recommended

Automated Lip Reading

Cloud Appliance

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

Don't see your platform here?

Automated Lip Reading Software

We can customize LipSync and TextSync for your platform. [Contact Us] with your specific requirements and we can deploy a version designed to meet your needs.

Automated Lip Reading Software Download Windows 10

View Demo

Watch how LipSync detects the frame offset in the demo video. The bottom-left graph shows detected skew per sample, and the bottom-right graph shows the total audio skew detected.

[Contact Us] to get access to the live demo to try your own videos.

Automated Lip Reading Software Downloads

MulticoreWare Demos LipSync Technology to Automatically Detect Audio-Video Synchronization Using Deep Learning and GPUs at NAB 2017

Saratoga, CA / April 20, 2017 – MulticoreWare, developers of the x265 HEVC video encoder, are showcasing LipSync, a technology that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to automatically detect audio-video synchronization errors in video streams and files. MulticoreWare will demo LipSync on the showfloor of the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB 2017) in Las Vegas.

Automated Lip Reading Software Download Software

“Identifying audio-video sync errors has long been a challenge in our industry and Telestream is excited to offer an automated solution using deep learning technologies. Telestream is working closely with MulticoreWare to integrate LipSync into our products.”

— Shawn Carnahan, CTO of Telestream

“LipSync is an impressive example of how deep learning, accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs, solves major challenges in creating and distributing video content. This innovative application addresses a pervasive problem for the entire industry.”

— Will Ramey, Director of Developer Marketing at NVIDIA

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